Prior to this experience, I identified as dorky and shy. A perpetual over-thinker, hindered by an inability to express myself or take chances. I honestly didn't think an experience like this was for me, and I was exceedingly nervous.

Upon entering Blush Studio, I was greeted with warmth and possibility (and a mimosa!). Payton did my hair and makeup, bringing to the surface a beauty I didn’t know I had. I felt physically transformed. Emotionally, I was still wavering. I wasn’t sure how to pose, where to look, or if my nervousness would be apparent in a photograph. Tracy guided me through poses, and her communication style is truly empowering. She gave me the tools to embrace a more confident and daring side to my personality. And this confidence has permeated to other areas of my life. It’s helped me go after what I want and take chances, when I formerly would have played it safe.

As human beings, it is natural for us to seek one identity, one space in which we feel most comfortable and well-defined. Within this space, we create an image of ourselves, who we are or how want to be perceived. Whether it is adventurous or artistic, caring or charismatic, benevolent or bold. We say 'This is who I am, and this is the space in which I exist.' But we are multifaceted and capable of more than we know or often allow ourselves. It's as Walt Whitman wrote: 'I am large... I contain multitudes.' My experience at Blush Studio reminded me of that.” – Ms. K

Photographer: Tracy

Makeup Artist: Payton

Hairstylist: Chelsie