"I booked my shoot back in December, but waited until July because I wanted the outdoor courtyard to be open cause I loved the look of the outdoor shower photos. I was truly doing the shoot for myself because I was in awe of this fb group and seeing everyone’s reviews of how their outlook on themselves shifted after the empowerment they got from their Blush experience. I was dating someone at the time so of course he’d get to see the photos too. Well, fast forward to a few weeks before my shoot and my long term relationship ended out of the blue. Obviously I was shocked. But i never once thought about canceling my shoot. I knew what I’d experience there was ALL about me and my self confidence. So. I don’t know where any of you ladies might be, but i seriously cannot reiterate enough that you shoot do a shoot FOR YOURSELF!!! seriously. even if you’re single. or you’re getting divorced, or you just had a baby etc. Don’t chicken out. Regardless of where your life is, don’t back out even if your love life changes. Book the damn shoot!

"From the moment you walk through their hot pink front door you will feel how incredibly luxurious your day with them will be. The thoughtfulness of the music, the scents of the candles, the endless robes to choose from, the attentiveness to the small details, hair and makeup, the mimosas and wine. everything is so thoughtful. Their client closet is incredible. Tracy spent time pulling pieces she thought I’d love and i ended up wearing almost all Blush pieces and not a lot that I brought and it was soooooo nice. You got done with hair and makeup and she had all these incredible pieces laid out. You then spend time talking through what you want to wear etc. Everything is so tailored to you and your body. The hype ness of her coaching you through posing, the music, all of it. incredible. I left that day and felt like a bad ass. Truly. I felt so confident and I hadn’t even seen any of the photos. Fast forward to my preview session and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I said “shut up!!” “that’s me?!” “Tracy you have such a gift” was all I kept saying.

"You never see yourself the way others do. We as women tend to only focus on the things we don’t love about our bodies. I look at these photos and don’t see any of that. I’m focused on how fucking incredible I felt and these photos show it. The ladies at Blush truly have such a gift and Dayton is SO lucky to have a boudoir studio like this. If you read to the end of this long ramble, BOOK THE DAMN SHOOT FOR YOURSELF!!!" - Ms. K

Photographer: Tracy Pote

Makeup & Hair: Payton Abston