"There are always a million excuses to not put yourself out there and to not take the risk.  It doesn’t matter if it’s going for that dream job, tearing your walls down for a relationship, or wearing the outfit you think people may judge you for. We are taught at a young age to make ourselves smaller so we don’t make others uncomfortable, to conform to the norm so we don’t get made fun of, and to hide the things that make us shine. 

"When I was 22 I wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot….but not until I lost weight (I wore a size 16 KIDS what was I thinking). That photoshoot never happened because I judged myself too harshly. About 6 years ago I finally booked one with someone who was new to boudoir photography. It was good but not the hot stuff photos I was after. In August on a whim as a single mom of three teenage boys I booked a session with Tracy. It was the most amazing experience!  I felt like I was hanging out with a dear friend. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. You can see how comfortable I am by the way I smile…..all the way to my eyes. I can’t believe as I am about to turn 50 and wearing a size 16/18 I feel sexier than ever!  I put my complete faith and trust in Tracy’s hands. I walked into the session with no set ideas on makeup or outfits. The only thing I brought were my panties. She pulled the items from the Blush closet (as a curvy 200# girl I didn’t think she’d really have much for me….boy was I wrong). I am so happy I gave the team free reign because I can’t imagine better images. 

"Don’t let your fears hold you back, book the session, wear the outfit, be brave enough to fall in love with yourself. 

Tracy thank you for making me feel like I made a fantastic friend. Payton and Chelsea thank you for making me laugh and making me look smoking hot. You two are just as amazing!" - Ms. L

Photographer: Tracy

MUA: Payton

Hairstylist: Chelsie