“So, this isn’t my first rodeo with Blush. But in some ways, this might have been my hardest to wrap my head around. The first time, well over a decade ago, I did it for my husband. The second time, I was going through my divorce and reclaiming my life. The third time, I had lost a LOT of weight and was celebrating. I knew about all three of those sessions well ahead and had time to prepare.

“This time, it was a literal last minute opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I had no outfits, no real prep time, I had gained some quarantine weight, and just ended a truly terrible relationship and was hitting a mental low. But, I threw some big girl panties on and did the thing because I had faith that it would be another baller experience and help raise my spirits a bit.

“I sat down and when I was asked what look I was going for – I told Jessica and Payton that I just wanted to feel powerful again. I wanted to look strong. And they NAILED IT. I didn’t want to be cute, or pretty, or sexy. I wanted to look like a bad b*tch who could take down a man without breaking a sweat and smile the whole time. I knew when I walked out that day that I at least looked the part, even if I didn’t feel it in my soul yet.

“And then, I saw the photos. And I saw the fire in my eyes. And I remembered just who the f*ck I am – and life hasn’t looked quite the same since. I just needed to remember.

“Do this. Do this for yourself. Even if you don’t believe it can change you, give it a chance. I AM strong. I AM powerful. I am UNF*CKWITHABLE. And so are YOU.”

– Ms. N

Photographer: Jessica Hites

Makeup Artist / Hairstylist: Payton Abston