"I’ve wanted to do a session with The Blush Studio team and Tracy since 2019. My mind was alway full of excuses why not to do it. I thought I need to lose 10 lbs, I need to be in better shape, what about my stretch marks an all around thought process of I’m not good enough or pretty enough. I’d suffered abuse telling me such things from a man in my life even more detrimental was from my own mind telling me you’re not enough. Ladies let me tell you we are all good enough, and beautiful enough. When you surround yourself with women who celebrate you and empower you, you quickly realize yes, this is me and guess what I like her and she is beautiful. That is what this experience with Tracy and the Blush Team gave me. A full heart, an acceptance and love for who I am, a vision of the beauty that exist within me, that can be showcased and photographed and most importantly loved by no other than myself. It’s a gift beyond belief. My heart is full and my mind is calm and very happy and satisfied with each photo. I can look myself in the eyes and say you are beautiful and you are enough. Book your session. It’s unbelievable what it can do for one’s internal dialogue. It’s been a life changing experience and I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you Tracy, Payton, and Trista!" - Ms. S

Photographer: Tracy Pote

Makeup Artist: Trista Noe

Hairstylist: Payton Abston