“Doing a boudoir shoot with at Blush is like a spa day, yoga work out session, self love meditation, and a hype squad meet up all in one. I didn’t know this was exactly what I needed to do for myself, but after the huge boost in my own happiness and joie de vivre, my husband wants me to do one every year 😂.

“I grew up a tom boy trying to be “not like the other girls”, did 7 years of engineering school, and have been working in an industry for almost half a decade. Through therapy I realized I was crushing my own feminine self to fit in with the boys.

“The Blush boudoir session made me feel like a woman and made me see myself the way my husband sees me, full of love and pride and awe. I felt powerful and sexy and happy with my body for the first time in forever (even though I’m at my heaviest weight ever!). My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw my photos.

“The hours with Tracy and her team flew by. They’re all master artists and the experience was super fun. It was a safe, loving, 0 judgement space that I’ve never experienced before. I’ve accumulated quite the lingerie interest thanks to this experience, can’t wait to photograph my new collection next time!!” – Ms. A

Photographer: Tracy Pote

Makeup Artist: Payton Abston

Hairstylist: Chelsie Walhay