"Just do the damn thing.  Had my preview today and these are just a few of my favorites 🥰

"I donated my kidney in 2020 and decided I wanted to do a photo shoot for my 1 year kidney-versary in 2021. Canceled/rescheduled approx 6 times over the next year. I’m not prepared (didn’t choose outfits). I have gained weight vs losing that infamous 10 lbs. I’m not in the right  mindset.  As my 2 year kidney-versary approached and my 55th bday I decided to just do it which meant quit making excuses and trust the process.  I scrambled around the night before the shoot and found some black panties that I bought who knows when (tags were still on!) grabbed my favorite jeans and my leather jacket as a last minute thought.  Their wardrobe closet is AMAZING so do not stress about not having lingerie or jewelry or shoes for that matter.  Tracy asked me a few questions about my likes and dislikes and picked all the right things like she has been my BFF for life. Just bring your smile, manicured toes and hands and show up! I made things so much harder than they needed to be. 

"The Blush ladies know what they are doing. They make you feel at ease the minute that pink door is opened!  Music playing. Mimosa in hand. Chatter about how beautiful you are - they will find something even if you feel there is nothing.  😊 So Cheers 🥂 to 55 years and 175 lbs!  Make yourself Queen for the day. " - Ms. R

"P.S.  I loved my make up so much I booked a tutorial with Payton 👄"

Photographer: Tracy

HMUA: Payton