"Yesterday I met some amazing woman that I connected with on a level that is beyond a blessing. From my makeup and hair session with Payton and Trista that helped me to relax, open up and connect. The laughs and the tears were REAL! Then my photo session with Tracy - I don't know if there are any words in the universe that could help me describe the feeling of euphoria that i had!! The connection that I made with her in such a short time together. She made me feel free and helped me break out of this shell that has enclosed me for the last 3 years. This shell has muted my personality, my identity and my passion. I have always dreamed of doing a photo session but never a boudoir photo session. I started following Blush on IG and fell in love with the way these women expressed themselves and the way Tracy was capturing the moments. After having a double mastectomy w reconstruct and 4 surgeries that required long healing and recovery times. I found myself feeling defeated, loss and most definitely unattractive. Yes I have implants and they looked good. But in reality it was not "my" boobs. And this was not my body anymore. I have been struggling for way over a year to find myself again. To find what my purpose was after breast cancer. The audacious, sassy, and smart assy woman I use to be was lost somewhere between "You have breast cancer", "there is a pandemic and the world is shutting down" and "life is different now that you had cancer and will it come back one day". After staying home and playing it safe for over 3 yrs my shell that I created to protect me from the outside world had gotten so thick and unbreakable. Scheduling this Boudoir session was something that I needed yes I wanted it BUT I NEEDED IT!! After having my own issues and having to reschedule a few times. I was able to fulfill my dream and my escape from that shell!! Tracy took a once vibrant and spirited woman that enclosed herself in a shell and made her whole again!! Made her shine and be vivacious and feel alive!!! Tracy and her team of amazing people have created a place that woman can express, unleash and escape!! I am not telling you to schedule your session today.... I am screaming it from the roof tops that YOU HAVE TO SCHEDULE WITH THEM AND EXPERIENCE THE CONNECTION!!! THANK YOU to Tracy, Payton and Trista for an extraordinary and phenomenal day!!! BUT let me NOT end this without expressing my gratitude to Billy!! The man behind the scenes. His compassion for others and his easy to talk to personality made this experience come to a reality!! Always helpful and quick to respond!! THANK YOU BILLY FOR BEING AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO!!! 💜💜💜" - Ms. S

Photographer: Tracy Pote

Makeup Artist: Trista Noe

Hairstylist: Payton Abston