“Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous…all things I heard yesterday and until a few years ago honestly I wouldn’t have felt comfortable even receiving those compliments. As a plus size woman it has taken YEARS to become comfortable and even confident in my own skin. Confident enough to try something as daring as this. 

"First I have to give huge thanks to Payton and Chelsie for making me more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I genuinely had to hold the tears in when I saw my reflection for the first time. I mean I couldn’t ruin all their hard work. I truly felt like a Queen in the chair being pampered while they did my hair and makeup. They really set the stage for calming any jitters or nervousness I had.

"There are no words to fully capture the experience I had with Tracy. She is a true visionary, an artist behind the camera. At times the lightning or a movement would spark something she just had to capture. I would have been lost without her direction and guidance and for that I am beyond thankful!!

"This was such an empowering experience and one I will never forget. I will definitely be booking again and I encourage any woman who is even thinking about it don’t hesitate, just book ASAP!” - Ms. S

Photographer: Tracy

MUA: Payton

Hairstylist: Chelsie