“This was my THIRD session at blush, and was a gift for myself and for my husband for our wedding.

“I first learned about boudoir photography from a coworker of mine when she talked about giving her photos to her husband. This lady was even willing to show me her masterpieces. Initially I thought ‘how awkward would that be to be photographed in your underwear’.

“It wasn’t until later that day I searched boudoir photography on Instagram and came across the “Blush Boudior Studio Page”. I began scrolling through the images and all I could think then was “how beautiful are these !?!” But the more I thought about it the more I discouraged myself that I wasn’t “good enough” or “pretty enough” to do this.

“It wasn’t then until I saw the mini session offered that I went out on a limb, and took a step out of my comfort zone. I remembering walking into the pink doors of blush that I was welcomed by such enthusiastic and beautiful women.

“As a back story about me, I’m the Queen of degrading myself. ‘…you’re not smart enough, or pretty enough, or enough in any manor. This is wrong with you, that’s wrong with you..’ Etc..

“But this studio…These wonderful ladies running the show…THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A PHOTO IN LINGERIE…

“I firmly think that these women were made to do this! Walking into blush studio for me was like walking into room of pure serenity. These women not only made me feel Comfortable but made it feel like I had known them my whole life. These ladies where not only there to glam me up for these beautiful masterpieces, but these ladies are genuinely happy for you. The celebrate you and lift you up. They are genuinely the kindest, most caring, and most beautiful women both inside and out.

“All three of my sessions had me feeling confident, sexy, blissful, and radiant and soo much more. If you are hesitant about buying a boudior session, you are not alone. 10/10 I would recommend to go out on a limb like I did and do this for YOU! Yes your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc. will enjoy these but do this for YOU! Because no matter who you are, you ARE ENOUGH!

“Thank you Blush Studio for yet another AMAZING SESSION!! I’m soo blessed to know you.” – Ms. S

Photographer: Tracy Pote

Makeup Artist: Payton Abston

Hairstylist: Chelsie Walhay