"I have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for years and finally decided it was time. Tracy made it a point to reach out to me before my session which was so thoughtful. The second I walked through the door at Blush, Payton and Chelsie both were warm and welcoming. They asked what I wanted for hair and makeup and took the time to talk with me and show me example pictures to help us figure out the direction I wanted to go for my look. An hour later I was so much calmer than when I walked in and boom a super model was looking back at me in the mirror. Payton nailed both of my makeup looks. The first one I felt incredible and then she showed me the second and I just couldn’t believe she made me look even better than I already did.

"I didn’t have a lot of my own pieces I wanted to wear for my shoot but Tracy had me covered, her client closet is HUGE and she had pulled several outfits ahead of time for us to look through. She was so open to my opinions but was great at offering her own suggestions. Getting in front of the camera, it took me about two poses to realize that I was nervous for nothing! Tracy does a fantastic job of making you feel so comfortable in front of her lens. I felt like I was just hanging out with a good friend and we were having a blast taking these photos. She shows you exactly how to pull off the poses and all day she helped me pick out what to wear. Something I loved, I could see while we were shooting the little light bulb go off as Tracy would get another idea for where she wanted to go next for a picture or a way she could try to pose me. I could just tell she is truly passionate about what she’s doing and she wasn’t just going through the motions of another session. She was looking at me as a person and going, ‘what can I make work specially for you’.

"I was on cloud 9 at my photo reveal. When people say you will look stunning in your pictures, trust me they aren’t lying. I look stunning! I still can’t believe how incredible everything turned out. The hardest part of everything was trying to narrow down which images to choose for my final album. Tracy again was super open to what I liked and wanted but was able to offer her own advice for which ones she thought were great choices. The collection itself is gorgeous and so high quality. I am so happy with it!

"I did this initially as a gift for my wife, which I know she’s going to love, but I’m so grateful that I could do this as a gift for myself too. It felt amazing to be pampered for a day and now I have these beautiful portraits to remind myself that I truly am beautiful. Tracy captured me in the way that the rest of the world sees me, and helped me realize I need to stop being so hard on myself and just be confident. After going through infertility, loss, and now postpartum it feels nice to appreciate myself a little more. If anyone is on the fence about doing this, honestly just do it. It makes a great gift but you really are investing in yourself too. Oh and the studio itself, GORGEOUS! The whole team at Blush, thank you for the incredible experience! Hopefully I can come back and see you someday:)" - Ms. E

Photographer: Tracy

MUA: Payton

Hairstylist: Chelsie