"My second shoot with Tracy has made me dig deep into myself to believe in me. It’s taken me some weeks now to know what to say on this experience of growth within. I’ve learned if you stay in environments where people don’t recognize the value in YOU, you will shrink your gift to the size of what they can stand. I refuse to be small because someone else thinks small. I’m not shrinking my vision because they can’t catch up. There are going to be moments that are the most painful moments of your life, let these change you. Let yourself grow. Let these moments make you stronger, smarter, kinder. Your spark will return and you will shine like you were supposed to. You are valuable. Love you, Love yourself. YOU are worth it. Thank you Tracy for lighting my fire for me to see myself again. Thank you and Payton for listening with open ears and loving with warm hearts. Can’t wait for Round 3!" - Ms. L

Photographer: Tracy Pote

Hair & Makeup Artistry: Payton Abston